Choice of Cleansing Process

Choice of Cleansing Process

Various factors drive the final decision by the management on the type of cleansing process that is used.

Automated Cleansing Process

Automated cleansing process is adopted when:

  • Data to be cleansed is too huge to accomplish it manually.
  • All or majority of the data errors can be fixed programmatically by applying logical rules.
  • The cost involved in manual cleansing is high when compared to the time-scales in which it can be done with an automated process in place.
  • The automated process is planned to be re-used at timely.

Manual Cleansing Process

This is best suited in the following circumstances:

  • Erroneous data cannot be fixed programmatically.
  • Data volumes to be cleansed are very less making the automation process laborious in comparison to the manual process.

Combined Cleansing Process

The combined process can be employed in the following scenarios:

  • Erroneous data are distributed equally between the ones that can be addressed automatically and the ones that are to be handled manually.
  • Use of a single process does not produce appreciable data cleansing in the system.