Certified Partner of iMenu Product Series

Certified Partner of iMenu Product Series

What’s the iMenu?

A: iMenu system is a set of electronic menu for restaurant, pub, bar, coffee shop etc.based on iPad. iMenu lets us say goodbye to the cold and abstract traditional paper menu. Large numbers of fresh and colorful dish images make our index fingers active. Meanwhile, you also can learn about the ingredients, cookings, videos and other details of dishes, which makes the boring ordering process become interesting. As well, iMenu also can make a seamless information delivery with the restaurant’s original IT system through the interface, so that the whole dining information flow is unhindered.

What the iMenu can do?

  • Restaurants can change price at any time and add pictures and descriptions freely
  • It is very easy to manage
  • The function of advertising and statistics is also available
  • Supports multi-resturant, multi-menu and multi-language
  • A streamlined system that’s easy to use

How about the iMenu market share?

iMenu is the product of Hangzhou Gravity CyberInfo Corp, is the top 1 menu system on iPad in China. Till now, more than 1000 customers are using this system. in 2012, iMenu won the market in Hongkong. In 2013, iMenu entered the market in Euro, and has couple restaurants bought this system in London. In 2014, we start the business in Australia.

Where I can get more docs regarding the iMenu?

Please send email to sales@xdm.com.au, and we will reply your request ASAP.  You can watch the demo video from the Youtube. Click Here…