Driving your business by email

Driving your business by email

Email marketing advice is all around us — a dime a dozen.

You’ve heard all the contradictory tips.

         Send marketing emails often … Don’t send marketing emails too often.

        Focus on the content, not the design … Design can make or break your campaigns.

You may just want to ignore it altogether, but there’s good reason not to give up on email.

Email marketing works. It was one of the first forms of digital marketing, and it’s still one of the most effective ways to produce tangible results that improve your business.

If you want to do ‘email marketing’, where to start? As complicated as it sounds, an email marketing plan isn’t as hard to put together as you might think. In this guide, there are 6 simple steps you can use to develop your plan, and point to real-life case studies of XDM clients who are great at email.

1, Who do we need to communicate with?
2, What information or offer would be of greatest value and importance?
3, Why is this information relevant to the individual?
4, When would this individual be most receptive to this information or offer?
5, Where will the person to go to respond to the offer (i.e. landing page)?
6, How will email program effectiveness be measured?


One of the best things about Email marketing as a communications and business growth strategy is that it not only educates your customers, it also educates you about your own business. With the in-depth analytics you might find some interesting results which highlight aspects of your customers, or prospects which you previously had no idea about – opening up new opportunities.

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