About us

xDM: Young, Passion, Skillful.

We just start our own business, but our team members all are guru in TMT (Telecommunication,Media,Technology) industry.


What we can do?

Next step of Internet is Data intelligent and Customer Communication. We can benefit your business.

Quality of data is a direct determinant of the value and effectiveness that data provides. Data is the core of next generation Internet business. xDM helps you to explore, inspect, improve and monitor the quality of your data.

Communication, extend your business to customer. Based on the Internet Technology, we can cover multi-dimensional communication, from email newsletter, sms, apps, to website.

Extend your business and value is our goal.


Why we can?

Our team members have:

  • More than 15 years experience of Project Management in Global company
  • Capability of global resource management
  • We have a specialist team in China
  • Our local technical support team provide 100% customer satisfaction


Give us a chance,  and we will return a miracle to you!