Plans & Pricing


  • A$499/Year•License (exclude GST)
  • 3 Month Free for each new client
  • other service (photography, Photo processing, and so on) price based on client’s  individual requirement


[Data Cleansing]

  • single table and amount of records less than 100,000: A$50/Hour  (exclude GST)
  • Multiple tables (less than or equal to  3 tables) and amount of records less than 300,000: A$60/Hour  (exclude GST)
  • Multiple tables (more than 3 tables)or amount of records more than 300,000: A$70/Hour  (exclude GST)
  • Hours based on the business logic


[eMail Campaign Design]

  • The first New email campaign template:  A$200/page (exclude GST)
  • Compatible mobile devices
  • Same template load different images and text: A$100/page (exclude GST)
  • Client supplies image and text